Wednesday, 29 February 2012

silent friends

i just want you forever
friends! there are lot of friends which we have in our life.some friends are real friends and some are friends of time i mean behind there friendship  there are their means.some friends are school friends and some friends are college friends these friends during school or college life promise to never leave each other in life but it happened.some friends which i say special friends are ''silent friends''.these are the special friends in i will tell you about a silent friend. lets start.
yousaf  was a very famous and great footballer he plays in national team.his pay was good.he goes to international tours.he receives lot of party invitations lot of greeting emails and lot of best wishes.whenever he goes in parties and in football matches always their is an ''silent face'' with speaking eyes always seeing him yousaf always tried to talk with this ''silent face'' but not could do this.these are the best days of his life he had all things which he want.
once in an practice match during practice he got an fracture in his leg his teammates got him to the doctors they said that he will be better in some days but his leg don't better.after six months his fracture remains but he never lost hope now his pockets are empty from money now he receives no party invitations no greetings now he was alone no one care about him.
but one day the door bell of  his home rung he opens the door he shocked when he see that ''silent face'