Thursday, 1 March 2012

adsense earnings

adsense earnings
one day my friend tell me about blog that what is blog and what we can get from it.the best thing which attract me blogging was ''google adsense'' that i can make 1000's of dollars by it.when i listen this i make my blog immediately .and start blogging and i post three posts on first day and apply for adsense. next day when i open my email inbox  i have email from google i which they dissaproved  me addsense because of following problems which they had with my blog.
1:insufficient content
2:n/a page rank
3:low traffic etc etc
but i want my approval so i again apply for adsense but next day when i open my mail box i have another email from google in this they again disapprove me and again give the following errors
insufficient content,n/a page rank etc etc
but you know the importance of money everyone do almost for money i again apply for google adsense but no gain so i again apply for this likewise i apply 21 times in 21 days when i apply 22nd time they did not reply me but i receive an personal email from director of google adsense in which they write

''dear sir,
            i am director of adsense and my staff inform me about your love for google that you send application to google 21 times in 21 days despite of many disapprovals  this shows your love for google i personally thankful to you i want to give you an gift of adsense account and we have no problem with your blog ''
     there is also an password and id  in email but i can not read this because when i reading this email i hear the voice of my father who are saying that
                                     ''get up son you are getting late from college''.

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